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I'm back from the beach, with a lovely tan. I almost never tan, so I am quite happy (I either remember to put on sunblock and come back quite white, or I forget and burn). Well, I have a nice tan on my top half. I have lines from my capris on my legs, and flip flop marks, but those really don't count.

As a result of not writing for a week, I have two stories simmering in my head (two new ones, I mean, I have oodles of halway done ones, and some that I need to just write). One is an absolutely intriguing modern story that has echos of Briar Rose, but with tatoos and things (I've been better than usual and jotted the outline down). But I have decided that, in general, there shall be no new stories written, or started until I finish The Story. Because Jenn is waiting for that story, and I can't dissapoint.

Regency dancing tomorrow! Woot! I found these gorgeous wooden fans at one of the little shops we visited. They are thin wood, and are this pretty design. I've been practicing opening and closing them with one hand. I'm really rather good at it. I expect that the dresses will be stunning, the conversation interesting, and the dancing great fun (and I promise to post pictures, eventually).


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