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Today I'm making cupcakes on which I will put the tentacles I made yesterday. I spent a lot of yesterday making tentacles out of Starburst, and all for Joel's birthday. I might be going a little overboard. Well, I don't think I'm going overboard, just trying to give him a nice birthday party. He doesn't do birthday parties, so instead this is an Arkham Horror birthday party with themed food, and fancy paper plates and napkins. It's my compromise, since a friend is hosting it at his house, and I don't want to scare him off by bringing in a pile of decorations too.

The menu (which is vaguely 1920's themed, and based on a few hours googling, so hopefully somewhat accurate):

Deviled eggs - probably. If I get to them. Because deviled eggs were big in practically every era.

Waldorf salad - because it was served at the White House in the twenties, so it is is Classy and Upscale, while also being period. But I'm going to use a yogurt based dressing, so it tastes better than the typical mayo based dressing.

Pigs-in-a-blanket - I had a hard time finding a main dish. If you're going average person in the twenties, things like mayo jello salads were big (ick), and if you're going upscale, things that were fancy and exotic then aren't now (like pineapple and Italian food). So I went with pigs-in-a-blanket, only this will be slightly fancier and will involve sausage instead of hot dogs, because Gatsby served pastry pigs, and from my hasty research, that's basically the same thing. And I don't like oysters.

Eldritch cupcakes - I am holding my breath about these. The tentacles look awesome (once I got the hang of what does and what doesn't work with the Starburst). I am hoping that they will attach properly to the cupcakes (I did a trial run with Starburst, but not with cupcakes), and won't get too droopy for the party).

So, that's the latest craft project. It's a lot of fun, actually, and I've spaced everything out so it isn't too much to do any one day. So far it's working. I also have other crafty projects (need to finish those Red Riding Hood and the Huntsman as werewolf hunters costumes, and am in the middle of an unrelated project sewing a tiny shirt with tiny set in sleeves, because, yes, I do love my friends that much).

And I should write the stories that are in my head. One of them I quite like. Another I started writing, but am going to have to rewrite from the beginning because I got the verb tense wrong. Oh, well, it happens.

There is something about the creative process where either I'm brimming with ideas and wanting to do a million projects (like now), or I just want to watch TV. It cycles like everything else, I suppose.


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