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I am leaving Friday morning for the beach, and shall be gone for a week. Please don't blow up the world during my absence; I'd hate to miss the fireworks.

The Story is now at about 26,000 words, which is quite respectable. I'm very close to being done with the next major chunk. I still really, really like this story. It makes me happy. There are all sorts of bits of me in that story, and the characters keep developing in unexpected ways. I was going to post an excerpt, but I realized that it contained a cameo, and I intend to post them all in one large clump. So it shall have to wait.
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My story, the one that has been taking over my mind, is precisely 12,382 words. This makes it the longest story I have ever written, the second longest being a mere 8,000 words (the Blasted Novel does not count because I wrote it with someone else, and so it was never wholely my story). It kind of scares me, because unless it becomes a novel, I don't know what to do with it (although, really, this is not the author talking, because the author would say that the story doesn't have to be marketable to be worth writing). I have also started to carry on conversations with the story, which is inexplicably male, although the story itself centers around two heroines. I am too far gone to save now, should you be inclined to rescue me from my madness, gentle reader. Do not worry overmuch about my condition, either, and let it console you that I am quite happy.

At the moment, I am just to the point of writing a terribly important scene, upon which rests the entire story, in one way or another. It scares me, in the same way that talking to people I don't know scares me, because I am dreadfully afraid I'll mess it up. So the story sits there, looking at me with reproachful eyes, and I try to work up the nerve to write it.
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I changed the oil in my car yesterday. I don't know why, but the ability to change the oil in my car makes me feel smart. And accomplished. I don't even mind getting grease all over my hands.

The bat story still doesn't have a title, although I'm playing with "Echo of Power." It isn't *quite* right. It is nearing the end, I think. But I daren't say for sure, because last time I thought it was nearing the end it gave me a huge, whopping, additional story arc. Not that I minded. I am head over heels in love with this story, and it can take me wherever it pleases, and I won't mind. It can last forever, and I can waste away to a pale nothingness, but I shall be the happiest pale nothingness in existence. It has me in its thrall (such a lovely word, "thrall").
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My story, the story which is consuming my life for no apparent reason, the bat story, has woken up. I don't know how else to put it. I was writing along merrily, and somewhere in the process I started being the one along for the ride, instead of the other way round. So far it seems content to trod happily along while I run after it, managing to (more or less) keep up. But it has a gleam in its eye, and this may not last. So, if I disappear under a flurry of type, wasting away until I am only a shadow, it will be because the story suddenly started galloping off, and I had to follow. I have to follow it wherever it goes. More than that, I shall follow it happily wherever it goes, and if I waste away to a shadow, I shall be a singularly happy shadow. All that to say, my story woke up last night.

In other story news (since that seems to be the only really interesting thing going on lately), I have found that once you name a character, they are never happy to be minor characters who never show up again. They start developing. Then you have someone named Kay who wants to do something and not just sit around for the remainder of the story, and a nasty person named Lance who should really give an explanation for why he was saddled with this name, and a red haired knight who insists on talking with a sort of Scottish accent because you saddled him with the name of Garth, and red hair. I should stop naming my characters, except its too late.
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I am finally back on my own computer. I thought I would be sooner, but I had managed to forget that while my brother was home, he would also like his computer set up. So I had access to a computer, just not mine. But now he is gone, and I have hooked mine up. The bat story is on this computer, and I can finally get back to writing it, after two weeks of not, as the story was only on this hard drive (I forgot to copy it to anything else when I left, which error I shall not repeat). I shall happily emerse myself in this story for at least an hour tonight. At least. It shall be finished (just not as soon as I would like).


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