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For your summer reading pleasure, I would like to present some of my favorite webcomics, in the hope that you may like one or more of them.

To begin, those comics that I read as often as they update:

Girl Genius is a lovely, epic steampunk comic featuring adventure, romance, and mad science, and a quirky sense of humor. It has a terrific level of complexity that is unusual in a comic, and reads more like a novel.

Phoenix Requiem is a terrific pseudo Victorian fantasy, with gorgeous artwork. (And if you like it, you might also want to read the archives of the artist's other project, Inverlock).

Gunnerkrigg Court is a story about Antimony's adventures at a school that is a strange blend of magic and science. It features ghosts, clockwork birds, and robots.

Sheldon is my favorite geeky comic. It features the adventures of a ten year old billionaire, Sheldon, who lives with his grandfather, Arthur, his pet duck who can speak after Sheldon downloaded the encyclopedia into his head, and Arthur's adopted son Flaco. It has jokes about Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Star Trek, and just about everything geeky.

A few more wecomics, those comics that I read fairly often:

Muse Academy tells about a girl who is the only human at a school full of fauns, centaurs and the like, taught by the Greek Muses. It is amusing and has a fun retro art style.

Knowledge is Power is the story of four college friends who mysteriously gain superpowers. It is quirky and funny, and the virtue lies in the humor and developement of the characters. (if you like this, you might try the completed Get Medieval from the same author).

Kukuburi is the compelling, dreamlike story of a girl who gains mysterious powers, and faces a snappily dressed Death.

Roza is whimsical and oh so pretty, and is about the plucky and charming Rosa who is trying to find a way to remove a curse.

Some completed comics that you might want to read:

Silver and the Periodic Forces is one of my favorite comics, because it features not just the usual four elements, but all of them. Silver commands the powers of Oxygen, Nitrogen, and the like in this terrific geeky superhero comic.

Inverlock is a gorgeous, complex fantasy that includes lovely elves. Really, what else do you need to know?

Get Medieval is about a spaceship that lands on a planet much like medieval Earth. Great fun, and includes kittens and the discovery of new explosives.

Narbonic is about mad science, and has a super cute talking gerbil, not to mention lot's of explosions, time travel, and doomsday devices.

Little Creature and the Redcap is cute, in a somewhat morbid way. (also see Little Creature by the same author).


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