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So, I must tell you of the package of AWESOME that Charis sent us (just in time for Christmas), because I have been remiss and not told of it before.

I was all happy and bouncy to get the package, because ya'll send the best packages of awesome. They always seem to be a mix of geeky and awesome and chocolate. This was Joel's first time to receive such a package, and he was very impressed. It made both of us so very happy.

Firstly, it contained (as all the best packages do contain) very much chocolate. There was heaps and heaps of peppermint bark (Ghiradeli), which seems to have been the theme of this holiday. I have discovered that I love peppermint bark (particularly Ghiradeli). Also, I don't have to feel like I have to share, because Joel (for some strange reason) doesn't care for minty things, including peppermint. So the peppermint bark is all mine. Mmmmm. I have had to ration myself a bit to keep from eating it all at once. There was also a chocolate orange, which are very delicious and always make me think of Christmas.

There were also Star Wars candy canes. They are so geeky, and made me wish for a tree to hang them on (sadly, we did not have a Christmas tree this year, because I was sick). But what made me wish for a tree even more strongly was perhaps the best Christmas ornament ever. It is a steampunk airship, in black on white ceramic, and I love it so much. (It looks like this.) It will have a place of great honor on our tree next year.

And because Charis knows how very geeky we are, she got us Dr. Horrible things. Yay! Namely, we now have two titanium sporks (we will have to use them next time we eat frozen yogurt) and fabulous Dr. Horrible t-shirts. Mine is the "Sing Along With Dr. Horrible" t-shirt, and Joel's is the "The Status is Not Quo". We wore them for New Year's and our friends rolled their eyes at our geekiness.

Truly, a most awesome and wonderful package.


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