Feb. 2nd, 2015 08:04 am
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 Joel got better, and then I got sick, just in time for my birthday. I had to cancel my birthday plans. I'm still getting over being sick. This means that my New Year's Not-Resolution is sort of broken. I was planning on writing every weekday of January, but what with being sick and not being able to think straight, it didn't happen. 

However, I've made some excellent progress on outlining the next novella (or possibly novel), which is a modern retelling of Dracula with the genders of many of the main characters switched. 
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I think of myself as a writer. I am, perhaps, not a very good writer. I am not (and probably won't ever be) one of those writers who write every day. I will never be as prolific as Seanan McGuire, who writes at least two novels a year (and another a year as Mira Grant). I've spent years working (off an on) on outlining one novella, which may yet grow up to be a novel, and it isn't finished yet. On a really good day I can write around 800 words.

But I'm going to claim the title of writer for myself. I am a writer because it is what I am, but also because it is what I'm striving to be. Last year, for a bit, I tried to write for an hour a week. That isn't much, but it was still an effort because I was spending so much emotional and mental energy on job search (a truly heartbreaking task). I wasn't very good at keeping it up. I'm going to try again this year, anyway. After all, I did manage to write a few stories last year, some of them rather decent.

I am also going to work on editing some of my short stories. There is one in particular that I have a few markets in mind for. (I planned on sending it out by last July, but, well, work was insane and then I was sick, and then I was recovering from being sick, and that seems to very neatly sum up my year.) As I keep telling myself, if I can handle being rejected for so many jobs, I can surely handle being rejected for my stories (and I least I have the consolation that story markets tell you that you are rejected, instead of just never getting back to you).

I am going to ignore those people who mean well, but who say that you are only a writer if you are committed to writing. If you write every day, or every week, or always set aside the time for it. I am going to set aside time, but I am also going to recognize that life gets in the way, and that I won't currently prioritize writing that highly. But I am a writer.
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Well, I've already completed my first New Year's Resolution. I really wanted to try playing Pandemic this year, since it's a collaborative game that I've heard a whole lot about but had never actually played. I finally played it on Saturday (after an epic game of Arkham Horror) and quite enjoyed it. Oh, and we managed to save the world from the diseases, which was good.

Now I just have to think about what my other not-resolutions will be for this year.
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I still don't make New Year's Resolutions. Well, to be honest, I make them, but I don't call them Resolutions because I don't worry too much about breaking them. They are good ideas. They are things I'm attempting, but mostly I don't worry when they don't happen (like the year I said I was going to try to read all the way through Faerie Queene; hah!) Some words scare me, so I don't use them. Anyway, this year I am making three not-resolutions. 

First, I'm going to keep applying for jobs. *sigh* I don't like applying for jobs. It's hard, depressing work. But I'm going to try to look for and apply for jobs about once a week this year (unless I'm working or sick or something). Quite reasonable.

Secondly, I'm going to keep updating Goodreads with every book I read. I'm not aiming for in depth analysis, or even summaries of every book I read, but I do want to keep track. It was fascinating this past year to see how much I read (this deserves it's own post). Speaking of which, I have a giant pile of books I should add to Goodreads . . .

Thirdly, I'm going to write this year. I'm going to work on my stories. *gulp* I'm going to try for at least an hour every week (whether or not I'm working); editing, plotting, or writing (or submitting). Some tiny part of my brain is complaining because I'm only aiming to work on stories for one hour a week, but I am stubbornly squashing it. An hour a week working on stories is more than last year. It is also working on stories, and it is only now that I feel like I'm able to start working on stories again. I've spent the last year recovering from the previous year, and it is only now that I'm finally starting to have the mental space for stories again. (The previous year or so, to sum up, Joel started a job, finished his Master's degree, we got engaged, planned a wedding medium distance, I quit my job, moved to LA, and we got married (the last three within a month).) I have a novel that's starting to come together in terms of plot (and I need to get the outline written down). I have short stories that I think I can now edit (it seems my stories need a very long cooling off time). I'm starting to feel like I can write again. 

So. There are my not-resolutions for this year. How about ya'll? Any resolutions? Not-resolutions? (Or book recommendations. My TBR pile is looking rather scanty.)
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Way back in January, I made two not-resolutions for the year (I call them this so that they aren't breakable, because they are more guidelines or things I should like to do, and some years I manage them, and some years I don't). The first was to study for and take the EIT, which since I passed it (huzzah!) I never have to worry about again. The second was to apply for more jobs. So far, I don't think I've done that great at keeping up with applying for jobs. Things keep coming up (first it was the EIT, then it was my short stays (which I need to finish, something else to work on soon), then I got sick, and so on). I'm going to try to, for the foreseeable future, spend two nights a week looking for and applying for jobs. I'll see how this goes for a couple of weeks, and then revise my plans accordingly. My problem so far has been that I'm not consistent in looking for and applying for jobs. I'll apply for a whole parcel of them, get burned out, and then go a while before I can work up the nerve to do it again. I'm going for consistency now. Two nights a week seems doable.

Also, I'm going to spruce up my resume a bit. I'm not going to completely redo it, but I'll try to make it sound better and perhaps add a few things and move a few things, and certainly add a bit about the EIT in my resume and cover letter. That'll help my confidence, if nothing else.


Jul. 19th, 2010 08:04 pm
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I passed the EIT! Yay!

Today I finally got the results back for the Engineer-in-Training test (otherwise known as the TEST OF DOOM, which I took back in April), and I passed! This is all manner of shiny, and will hopefully improve my chances at getting a better job. Also, I'm happy because I passed it the first time, and will never have to take it again.
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So, it feels like ages since I've updated. Lately I've been really busy with studying for the EIT. I'm right about where I thought I would be, which is, of course, not as much studying as I would have liked to have done, but will, I think, be adequate to give me a good chance to pass the test. But since the test is coming up in less than three weeks, I have passed through the stage of being sick of studying (amplified by a touch of spring fever) to the stage of being stressed out. Meh.

I've been having long discussions online about gender roles, especially as applied to dating and marriage. It's quite fun, but makes me miss college days. It also gives me a nice break from studying. As a result, I've been sort of playing with reversing some of the traditional fairy tales (namely, Sleeping Beauty in which the prince sleeps for one hundred years, and Beauty and the Beast in which the girl is the beast) in a steampunk setting. It seems like a proper sort of NaNo Novel. We'll see if anything comes of it.

I really want to make Regency short stays and a chemise to go under my Regency dress. In fact, I want to make both in time for the Regency ball in May. This would give me about a month to make both. I'm fairly sure I want to make the Sensibility pattern, because while not precisely period, it is very close to period, and from my limited research, a reasonable pattern to make. My dress is made from the Sensibility pattern. I've given up on the traditional pattern companies (McCalls, Simplity, etc) for costume purposes, as I want something that is reasonably period. I also really want to make a proper Renaissance costume, only this time I think I would make it Italian Renaissance(either pattern II or V from here). My current Renaissance costume includes a corset instead of a bodice, because I didn't exactly know better, but now I do. But I'm not a big fan of the English Renaissance when it comes to clothing. I want something that looks more like the red dress in Ever After. Anyway, before I got off topic, I was agonizing over whether I should buy the Sensibility pattern. I think I shall.

EIT, bah

Mar. 10th, 2010 09:57 pm
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So far, I've managed to stay on track for studying. Only five more weeks until I take the EIT. Really, really hoping I pass it, and thus never have to consider taking it (or studying for it) again.


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