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My brother called today. I miss him so much. China is just so far away. I don't know when I shall see him again.

It's strange. We've grown apart, especially since I graduated from college, but I still miss him. Not quite so much in this house, because he's never really belonged to this house the way he belonged to our other. His room was rather a comfort, and I know it is kind of silly, but when I particularly missed him I would open his shower gel for the scent of it. I can't wish him home, though, or at least, not for his sake. He likes China so much.
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I really miss my brother right now. The strangest things make me miss him, too. If this were a book, I'd miss him when I watched Dr. Who, or walked into his room, or something large and full of meaning like that. But it isn't like that. I miss the little things. Silly little things. I had my toenails painted at a nail place, and I was almost in tears because the last time someone painted my nails it was my brother painting them black because he wanted to. And I laughed at myself, just a little, because of all the things to almost cry about black toenail polish is really kind of strange.

I'm glad that he's happy in China, and that he likes it there, but I really miss him here.


Jan. 13th, 2006 03:19 pm
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My brother is ever so much my brother at the moment. After being home for two weeks at Christmas (which was happy and spiffy), he flew back to Georgia, where he found out his assignment (he isn't doing Airborne / Special Forces right now because his knees were acting up, and he got tired of doing nothing, so he transfered to an active division, and is doing nothing while being processed). He is in Fort Drum, New York (I wish I knew someone in NY, just so there would be someone he could wave in the general direction of). He called this morning (cell phones for Christmas, yay!), and is apparently doing his laundry, wandering around wearing flip-flops in the snow. Hehe. I can just see him, California boy, with those flip-flops, freezing and not even noticing it.


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