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Jun. 12th, 2005 07:33 pm
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This latest (and possibly final) update is from Florence. Florence
(and Italy in general) is simply gorgeous. Not only that, the place is
brimming over with artwork and statues. There are lots of museums,
probably all worth seeing, in addition to the city in general and all
the wonderful churches.

Since the last update I have been to: more of Rome this time the ruins
(the Colleseum, catacombs, etc), Assisi (think St Francis of Assisi),
and am currently in Florence

the bad things: not enough time to see everything, a few bug bites,
the long rides to get to places (Assisi is three hours from Rome, and
then it is another three hours to Florence), the weather that cant
decide if it is going to rain or not

the good things: the beauty of everything, seeing the catacombs and
the Colleseum, wandering around Rome, seeing St Francis church, the
David, the Uffeci gallery (which includes Botticeli, Ruben, Da Vinci,
and Michelangelo paintings)

Tomorrow we visit the church where Dante saw Beatrice (hurray!) and
then probably wander around Florence.
love ya all,


from Rome

Jun. 9th, 2005 07:31 pm
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This is the latest update, this time from Rome. YAY! Since the last
format worked pretty well for me, Im just going to use the format
again. This time, it is cool things since the last time, etc.

Where Ive been since the last email = Patmos, Ephesus, Corinth,
Pompeii, Rome (which includes the Vatican and St Peters Cathedral
today, the Colleseum tommorrow

The bad things = not nearly enough time for anything at all (such as
seeing the Vatican in only four hours), sore feet, not getting to talk
to you about it all, not much sleep, the danger of pickpockets in
Rome, a late ship due to weather that meant less time in Pompeii, not
being able to take pictures of the Sistine chapel, Ephesus is
currently taken over by Muslims

The good things = Patmos (the cave where John is believed to have
written Revelation), Corinth (seeing the judment seat that Paul is
brought before in Acts) Pompeii, the Vatican, Rome, seeing the actual
painting that is the Torrey emblem, St Peters cathedral, the Sistine
chapel, all the artwork and fountains that are just around everywhere
in Rome, the weather which has finally cooled off enough to be

To answer all of you at once, yes I am taking lots and lots of
pictures of absolutely everything, although pictures cannot do things
justice, because you just have to be there to really understand.
Nonetheless, I am trying to take good pictures.

Right now I am still trying to absorb it all. We spent four hours
today in the Vatican, and it was not nearly enough. We only touched on
highlights and really famous stuff. It is all so beautiful, everywhere
in Italy, although Greece was friendlier.

I miss you all and hope you are having a wonderful time,
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This will be a somewhat longer note because I have more time at a
different Internet Cafe, and am no longer about to drop from
exhaustion. I shall sum up, because telling everything would take much
longer than I have.
So far I have visited: Athens (the Acropolis, Mars Hill, the Agora),
Delphi (the oracle of), Makinos (tourist trap)
Am currently at: Rhodes (or Rhodes), we have a free day today so I am
using some time to write all of you, we are on a little cruise of a
few of the Greek islands
The bad things: not enough time to see everything I want to see, the
weather is hotter than I thought, and we were all sweating buckets in
Athens, finding out that I get somewhat seasick
The good things: walking where Plato walked, reading Paul's sermon on
Mars Hill, seeing Delphi, seeing cool ruins, being able to make geeky
jokes about everything, the food, our tour guide Anty (who was a
masters), our tour coordinator Alex (who has the equivalent of a PHD)

I am taking lots of pictures to show you all,
- Kate


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