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I was thinking recently about a post I wrote nearly a year ago, when I wrote about what I would do with no societal expectations, obligations or debt. So I thought I'd add to the list.

I'd build myself a castle by the sea, on a peninsula, like Cair Paravel, a beautiful castle with apple orchards. I would design Narnian clothes and wear it in my castle and invite friends to stay for as long as they liked.

I would find someplace miles and miles beyond the city lights, and would lay on the hood of my car and watch the stars until I fell asleep.

I'd make that steampunk costume I've been thinking of, and wear it just because.

I would wear my hats more often.

I'd read picture books on park benches aloud to the pigeons.

I'd adopt more cats (a black one named Mogget, a calico named Fiddlesticks, and a little brown scrap of a thing named Radagast the Brown).

I would paint my fingernails black for no reason at all.

I'd buy a motorcycle and never think about the practicality.

I'd climb trees whenever I wanted.

I would stand by the side of the road with a cardboard sign that said something cryptic, like "civil as an orange" or "ask the Platypus".
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Recently, Charis wrote about what she would do if she didn't worry at all about societal expectations. Now, I don't think I worry very much about what society thinks; I wear my hair curly to remind myself that I don't really care. I watch geeky shows like Buffy and Dr. Who, and generally embrace the geekiness. But in any case, Charis' post started me thinking. What would I do if I didn't care at all about societal expectations, if I had no obligations or debt?

I would fly my friends who I've never met out to California. No, better than that, I'd go on road trips to visit my friends I've never met.

I'd build a house in the green, green trees with little white blossoms in the spring, with a spiral staircase, and it would look like Lothlorien, not the Lothlorien of the movie, but the one that I see in my mind.

I'd dance every time it rained, and if it didn't rain enough, I'd turn on the sprinklers and dance on the grass.

I would sing every song whenever I felt like it, off key, and loud.

I'd plant my roof with wildflowers and grass, so it would wave gently in the breeze.

I'd fly to Greece and live there a year, and live on nothing, and take vacations to Italy.

I would wear costumes, Regency, Renaissance and whatnot just because I wanted to. I'd wear them grocery shopping, or to the movies, or to the mall.

I'd quit my job tomorrow, and leave my resignation on a Post-it.

I'd have a house with no closets, only wardrobes, and one would have a looking glass in the door.

I'd talk to trees as often as I saw one that looked friendly.

I would open up a little theater, and put on amateur Shakespeare and obscure little plays. It would have a real curtain, and an actual backstage.

I'd skip more.

I would have steampunk picnics in the park.

I'd build myself a little English cottage, with a little English garden, and roses rioting up the walls. It would be small, and cosy, and always full of light. It would overflow with books, not just in a little library, but spilling out into every room in optimistic, untidy heaps and strange piles on awkward shelves. I'd buy more books, for the shelves under the stairs (there would be stairs, and a bit of a tower), and for every room in the house.


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